What Is CBT Therapy?

Posted on August 12, 2019 By

CBT-2Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of psychological treatment that has the goal of altering negative behaviours, thoughts and emotions.

It differs significantly from traditional Freudian psychoanalysis which is spending considerable time on probing childhood wounds for finding the cause of the problems.

Unlike psychoanalysis, CBT is all about solving the patient’s problems and not so much about finding the causes for them.

This is done by identifying and altering negative destructive patterns which CBT sees as one main reason for problems.

The philosophy behind cognitive behavioural therapy is that our thoughts are influencing our behaviour. What’s more, if one suffers from a psychological problem, this is also distorting one’s perception of reality. In many cases, the patient is shown whether their thoughts are an accurate reflection of reality. If they are not, as is the case when someone suffers from a mental or psychological problem, CBT can help to change and to overcome them.

CBT is a versatile tool that can help at all kinds of conditions, ranging from depression to anxiety to PTSD, eating disorders, OCD, panic attacks many others. It can also help to overcome lower self-esteem, can be a good way to manage stress and can help with relationship troubles.

Patients can undergo cognitive behavioural therapy the traditional way by visiting a qualified therapist, but there is also evidence that CBT therapy can work online in addition to therapy sessions. Some CBT therapists offer both, personal sessions and online sessions.

How’d you find a qualified therapist? If you happen to live in London and you’re looking for a therapist, you can see CBT Therapy London where you can get a list of accredited CBT therapists. A private therapist can provide you with many advantages including that you can schedule your therapy sessions to your liking.

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