Survey Finds That Parents Think Universities Offer Poor Value for Money

Posted on July 29, 2015 By

Is higher education really worth the often staggering costs?

In the United Kingdom as well as in several other of the world’s top nations, parents are now realizing that not all is rosy when it comes to their children’s education.

These days and in this very competitive job market it is quite common to see that a standard undergraduate degree is not sufficient enough any longer. Compared to their parents, young folks today need to do a lot more when they want a great career. Setting themselves apart from others and get noticed by employers has become very challenging.

Obviously, the more people need to put into their education in order to land a good job later on in life, the higher the costs. This  is on the background of already increased tuition fees.

A new study by HSBC surveyed more than 5000 parents from 16 countries in terms of their view on the effectiveness of university education.

The survey focused around one key question: whether universities  today do in fact offer a good return on investment.

Surprisingly, the study found that many parents think that university education offers a rather poor value for money.

However, parents asked in the United Kingdom about their opinion in regards to today’s education value are not alone. They are joined by more concerned parents in the US, Canada and France who also think that higher education today offers a very poor value compared to its often staggering costs.

Almost 50% of all parents asked in the study stated that they believe that universities do not teach the right skills that are needed in the real world.¬† 45% said that educational institutions to not do enough to help increase their children’s chances for a good career later on.

The study concludes that universities in the world’s top nations today are risking to fail to meet the demand of the modern world.

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