Outdoor Fire Detectors: How They Work

Posted on July 29, 2019 By

outdoor-fire-det1Outdoor Fire Detectors work significantly differently than other fire detectors such smoke detectors.

Smoke detectors are in principle very simple: With a light sensor they can see whether there is smoke in the air.

If the sensor senses smoke, the smoke detector sounds an alarm. For obvious reasons, this technique does not work outside: If fire breaks out outdoors and not in an enclosed space such as inside a home, there may not be much smoke or the smoke may waft into a different direction. This makes smoke detectors ineffective for the outdoors.

Modern outdoor fire detectors are using digital video analysis to detect fire from a live video. They are essentially cameras which can “see” a fire. The spotting of a fire from a live feed can happen pretty much instantly within seconds so that a fire camera is among the most reliable ways for fire detection. But this isn’t their only benefit.

The biggest advantage of an outdoor fire detector is that unlike a smoke detector they can also work from a distance. For instance, a fire camera can be installed several hundreds of meters away from a structure where it can also oversee and monitor a much larger area compared to a smoke detector. And lastly, an outdoor fire detector, as the name implies is the only currently effective way for outdoor fire detection. This makes them suitable for a myriad of applications and industries where they can reliably detect fires before they can cause much damage.

However, fire detection cameras can also work indoors which makes them in particular versatile to use. These days you can find them in use in many places, from shopping malls, manufacturing plants, restaurants and hotels to sports stadiums and many other locations where fire detection previously had been difficult.

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