Don’t like going to the gym? Well, check this out!

Posted on December 13, 2019 By

For a lot of folks, going to the gym seems to be somewhat like a chore. After all, it requires that you get out of those ugly leisure clothes, and of course it takes a while to get there and back and so forth. And let’s not forget the fact that fitness gyms are rarely free, this can be another criterion for many.

On the other hand, pretty much everyone these days has the internet. You don’t really “have to” go to a gym if you can watch workouts on your phone or on your computer. Here is a good video that I think that you should check out if you want to lose some of these unneeded pounds:

Not that I personally still think that gyms are a very good way if you want to get real with your fitness. First, there is something great about it if you can exercise with others, which is in particular to if you’re still new to the whole fitness thing. A good gym should always have someone around that you can ask for advice about routines and what equipment you should be using.

Even better, at least in my opinion is if a gym offers fitness classes where there is a trainer and you can have some fun with other, like-minded folks. These classes may just cost a little bit more than the standard gym membership, but trust me, having a qualified trainer is worth it. And even better, exercising together with others in a group is simply a whole lot of fun and can also help your motivation! If you’re in London want to go to a really good gym, check out London Fields’ Hackney gym in East London!

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