Don’t like going to the gym? Well, check this out!

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For a lot of folks, going to the gym seems to be somewhat like a chore. After all, it requires that you get out of those ugly leisure clothes, and of course it takes a while to get there and back and so forth. And let’s not forget the fact that fitness gyms are rarely free, this can be another criterion for many.

On the other hand, pretty much everyone these days has the internet. You don’t really “have to” go to a gym if you can watch workouts on your phone or on your computer. Here is a good video that I think that you should check out if you want to lose some of these unneeded pounds:

Not that I personally still think that gyms are a very good way if you want to get real with your fitness. First, there is something great about it if you can exercise with others, which is in particular to if you’re still new to the whole fitness thing. A good gym should always have someone around that you can ask for advice about routines and what equipment you should be using.

Even better, at least in my opinion is if a gym offers fitness classes where there is a trainer and you can have some fun with other, like-minded folks. These classes may just cost a little bit more than the standard gym membership, but trust me, having a qualified trainer is worth it. And even better, exercising together with others in a group is simply a whole lot of fun and can also help your motivation! If you’re in London want to go to a really good gym, check out London Fields’ Hackney gym in East London!

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Camping Can Be Great Way To Educate Your Children

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In a nation that is so rich with history such as the United Kingdom there cannot be a better way to get your children knowledgeable and educated than visiting one of the many historic landmarks. Whether you want to plan a day trip to an ancient prehistoric site  such as Stonehenge or want to visit one of our numerous mediaeval castles, it is there where your children can experience history close-up and in person.

camper van for educational tripsBut traveling the country is not only educational and can be exciting and a lot of fun but it comes to our historic past.

Getting out in the open and visiting parks, wildlife preserves and forests is also a great way for the children to learn about nature and our ecosystem.

I have found that going on short camping trips cannot only provide invaluable if you want your children to learn something new, it’s of course also a fantastic way to bond with your children.

One good thing about camping today is that it likely won’t turn out a rather awful experience as may have been the case decades ago. I mean, on paper, sleeping in a tent and eating foods that you cooked over an open fire sounds great and exciting – but reality often looked entirely different. Camping today can mean that you have all the luxuries like you have at home. Pretty much any basic camper today will have some cozy beds, a fridge,  and air conditioning and a kitchen. This is perfect for those trips across the country.

Even excursions out of country and prolonged holidays can be a lot of fun if you travel with a modern camper van. It’s really as easy as that all you need to take care for would be fill up your tank and your camper’s fridge and you’re ready to go on an exciting adventure no matter where you want to go.



What Is CBT Therapy?

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CBT-2Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of psychological treatment that has the goal of altering negative behaviours, thoughts and emotions.

It differs significantly from traditional Freudian psychoanalysis which is spending considerable time on probing childhood wounds for finding the cause of the problems.

Unlike psychoanalysis, CBT is all about solving the patient’s problems and not so much about finding the causes for them.

This is done by identifying and altering negative destructive patterns which CBT sees as one main reason for problems.

The philosophy behind cognitive behavioural therapy is that our thoughts are influencing our behaviour. What’s more, if one suffers from a psychological problem, this is also distorting one’s perception of reality. In many cases, the patient is shown whether their thoughts are an accurate reflection of reality. If they are not, as is the case when someone suffers from a mental or psychological problem, CBT can help to change and to overcome them.

CBT is a versatile tool that can help at all kinds of conditions, ranging from depression to anxiety to PTSD, eating disorders, OCD, panic attacks many others. It can also help to overcome lower self-esteem, can be a good way to manage stress and can help with relationship troubles.

Patients can undergo cognitive behavioural therapy the traditional way by visiting a qualified therapist, but there is also evidence that CBT therapy can work online in addition to therapy sessions. Some CBT therapists offer both, personal sessions and online sessions.

How’d you find a qualified therapist? If you happen to live in London and you’re looking for a therapist, you can see CBT Therapy London where you can get a list of accredited CBT therapists. A private therapist can provide you with many advantages including that you can schedule your therapy sessions to your liking.

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Outdoor Fire Detectors: How They Work

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outdoor-fire-det1Outdoor Fire Detectors work significantly differently than other fire detectors such smoke detectors.

Smoke detectors are in principle very simple: With a light sensor they can see whether there is smoke in the air.

If the sensor senses smoke, the smoke detector sounds an alarm. For obvious reasons, this technique does not work outside: If fire breaks out outdoors and not in an enclosed space such as inside a home, there may not be much smoke or the smoke may waft into a different direction. This makes smoke detectors ineffective for the outdoors.

Modern outdoor fire detectors are using digital video analysis to detect fire from a live video. They are essentially cameras which can “see” a fire. The spotting of a fire from a live feed can happen pretty much instantly within seconds so that a fire camera is among the most reliable ways for fire detection. But this isn’t their only benefit.

The biggest advantage of an outdoor fire detector is that unlike a smoke detector they can also work from a distance. For instance, a fire camera can be installed several hundreds of meters away from a structure where it can also oversee and monitor a much larger area compared to a smoke detector. And lastly, an outdoor fire detector, as the name implies is the only currently effective way for outdoor fire detection. This makes them suitable for a myriad of applications and industries where they can reliably detect fires before they can cause much damage.

However, fire detection cameras can also work indoors which makes them in particular versatile to use. These days you can find them in use in many places, from shopping malls, manufacturing plants, restaurants and hotels to sports stadiums and many other locations where fire detection previously had been difficult.

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On the Workstation Assessments

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What is a workstation assessment?

If you’re the owner of a business and want to make sure that your employee’s work stations confirm to the latest ergonomic standards you should consider a professional work station assessment.

workstation desk assessmentA workstation assessment is a professional inspection of workstations that helps you to find weaknesses in ergonomics of workstations (ie. desks) and workplaces.

There are two types of workstation assessments available, depending on the size of your business.

If your business is small to medium sized, ergonomics experts will come to your company to inspect the work stations person. This is a solution for businesses that have a low number of employees and workstations.

For large businesses, and online workstation assessment is likely the better solution. This type of assessment is performed by the employees themselves by using a particular online assessment system. There, the employees are guided through a series of questions to find the where ergonomics can be improved.

Several firms in the United Kingdom offer professional work station assessments. I recommend that you get in touch with specialists that are local in your area.


Survey Finds That Parents Think Universities Offer Poor Value for Money

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Is higher education really worth the often staggering costs?

In the United Kingdom as well as in several other of the world’s top nations, parents are now realizing that not all is rosy when it comes to their children’s education.

These days and in this very competitive job market it is quite common to see that a standard undergraduate degree is not sufficient enough any longer. Compared to their parents, young folks today need to do a lot more when they want a great career. Setting themselves apart from others and get noticed by employers has become very challenging.

Obviously, the more people need to put into their education in order to land a good job later on in life, the higher the costs. This  is on the background of already increased tuition fees.

A new study by HSBC surveyed more than 5000 parents from 16 countries in terms of their view on the effectiveness of university education.

The survey focused around one key question: whether universities  today do in fact offer a good return on investment.

Surprisingly, the study found that many parents think that university education offers a rather poor value for money.

However, parents asked in the United Kingdom about their opinion in regards to today’s education value are not alone. They are joined by more concerned parents in the US, Canada and France who also think that higher education today offers a very poor value compared to its often staggering costs.

Almost 50% of all parents asked in the study stated that they believe that universities do not teach the right skills that are needed in the real world.  45% said that educational institutions to not do enough to help increase their children’s chances for a good career later on.

The study concludes that universities in the world’s top nations today are risking to fail to meet the demand of the modern world.

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How Not To Avoid Financial Disaster When You Start A Business

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In an economy as tough as today, a lot of folks are toying with the idea to start their own business. Some even want to become entrepreneurs and dream about being their own boss, maybe hitting it big an Internet with an idea.

While some may just be fortunate with such an endeavour, but the majority of us starting a business source isn’t always easy.

To help you avoid often made mistakes I have a great resource for you that I recommend you look at. Take those tips I found over at The Entrepreneur. They list some of the most commonly made financial mistakes and more importantly, how to avoid them! So check the list out if you play with the idea to become a business owner or entrepreneur!

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The Advantages Of Modern, Wireless Fire Alarms

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wireless-fire-alarmToday’s wireless fire alarm systems have several advantages compared to those which were available  previously.

Amongst their main advantage is that wireless fire alarms do not require any type of structural work in a building to install them.

The older more complex fire alarm systems and detectors that where connected via wires required either laying of cabling throughout a building and in some cases even to open up walls.

In short, connecting those systems was anything but a quick and easy task.

This had always been a concern especially amongst business owners where something that seemed as trivial as installing a new fire alarm system could easily have led to a complete halt of business operations until this work was completed.

With a new wireless fire alarm system, all those problems are gone.

Their installation doesn’t require any major work. Any number of smoke detectors and fire alarms can now be placed anywhere inside a building without having to consider and worry about how to connect them. This makes those systems extraordinarily flexible and of course a lot cheaper,  especially in those cases where someone would want to update their old, existing fire alarm safety systems.

Setting up and operating those wireless fire alarms can be as simple and straightforward setting up a  wireless network for your personal computers at home.

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